William Michael Matthews
Mick at Cowichan Bay April 09
Hi.  My name is William Michael Matthews. Since you are here, you are a friend and my friends call me Mike, so Mike it is. 

I live with my best friend and wife, Masha.  I am from Canada and Masha is from China.  If you run across Chinese references in my writing, it has a lot to do with my wife's influence. 

My background includes being a boatbuilder and having lived on and sailed boats in the Gulf Islands of British Columbia.  I don't have a boat at the moment but it's forever in my blood and my writing tends to be focused on boating and the life that surrounds the ocean. 

I don't have a list of writing credits or awards.  I have written three novels.  The first, "Getting There" takes place on and around the Gulf Islands and is based on a lot of personal experience.

My second and third novels are more of a young adult oriented stories.  However, having said that, everyone from teens to adults have enjoyed reading them.  The "Teddy Schaefer" stories start with "Pender Island Blues".  Teddy is a fourteen year old girl who lives with her mom in Port Washington, North Pender Island.  Book Two, "My Heart Comes Gladly" carries on where Book One leaves off.  Both books are page turners.  

I am looking for an agent for my books and am looking forward to getting my novels in the hands of lovers of a good read. 

If you have an interest in reading my novel, or being my agent, you can reach me in a number of ways. 

Phone: 541-736-3772 (Home)

Cell: 541-513-1625
wmm at williammichaelmatthews dot com

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