William Michael Matthews

                        Getting There

Mick Brese is almost ready to go offshore sailing but as the old saying goes, “the hardest part about offshore sailing is getting there”.  Mick is living and working on his boat at Shelter Island Marina near the Gulf Islands of British Columbia and falls in love with a beautiful Chinese girl named Claire. But after a short and passionate relationship, she suddenly leaves him with only a letter, explaining that she has obligations to her parents who are determined that she will marry a Chinese man.  This is heartbreaking news but things get even more complicated when his best friend and sailing buddy, Eddy, disappears. In the ensuing chaos Mick discovers that the path to your dream has a lot to do with how the wind blows and oh how the wind does blow.


Pender Island Blues
Book One of the Teddy Schaefer Series

Growing up means learning new things and in the summer of her fourteenth year Teddy Schaefer learns a lot more about life than she ever wanted to. She has been looking forward to a sailing her little boat in the waters around her Gulf Island home but her mom has other ideas. She informs Teddy that they are spending the summer in the "middle of nowhere" also known as Lipton, Saskatchewan. As boring as that seems to Teddy, sometimes, the middle of nowhere can become the center of the universe.  A elderly Chinese Tai Chi instructor, an alcoholic aunt, who's ex-husband is in jail for putting a farm equipment company out of business and a kind policeman who turns out to be an old flame of her mom all take part in the most important and pivotal summer of young Teddy's life.  Pender Island Blues is all about living and learning how to adjust to the storms that life can send your way.





My Heart Comes Gladly
Book Two of the Teddy Schaefer Series

Teddy has come home to Pender Island but she's a changed girl after the long summer back east in Lipton, Saskatchewan.  Nothing is the same.  Well, her Tai Chi teacher Mr. Xun and his wife Mrs. Lu are the same.  The sun comes up and goes down every day.  The ocean tides are still coming in and going out but something inside Teddy is gone.  Everyone is trying hard to help her find it but it's not until she meets a very happy man from India and a bald headed kid named Alice Cooper that things begin to turn around for Teddy.  Her friend Claire and her husband Mick help Teddy get a new boat and plant the seeds of a dream of going offshore sailing.  The boat and the dream are just what it takes to give Teddy a reason to live but that puts her on a collision course with a money minded Mrs. Lu who can't understand why someone would ever want to sail the oceans in a dinky little boat when they could have a nice secure bank account.  Happiness means different things for different people and this conflict puts Teddy in a difficult position.  Making herself happy at the expense of her friends?  It's a difficult decision to decide if she should follow her heart or not.





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